1. Tuesday


    ANOTHER INDEPENDENCE DAY...ANOTHER YEAR TO REMEMBER WHEN 🐀💩 REACHED -575 AIR VITTY UNITS AND -$575,500 AIR VITTY BUCKS😆 🐀💩 betting 1 to 2 air vitty units and $100 to $200 each game loses -575 air...
  2. Tuesday

    bitch made reviews(bmr) stooge 🤡 carolina skid

    This crybaby always whines when frauds and phonies are exposed trying to push the fake Disneyland narrative that everyone gets along there and arguing is for other forums...WELL GUESS WHAT ya skid you 🐀💩 @EnikkLies loving p⁵4lifer pig culture rat you can keep your bitch made reviews poster...
  3. Tuesday

    Is 🐀💩 using sex company for personal injuries...? I say it's more likely than not 🐀💩 is still in hospital and that's why 🐀💩 away from forums lately...
  4. Tuesday


    Anyone that publically claims brandon lang is on fire is definitely p⁵4life😆
  5. Tuesday

    🕺lackingreen🤡the dancing queen🎶

    This sbr/rx stooge🤡 is know as stackingreen is another loser that thinks she's the best despite her loser record at therx: This fucking desperate pathetic try hard keeps wanting to be accepted at Pimpy McPimps jtroller/lang thread despite being told to fuck off countless times: So fuck...
  6. Tuesday


    This gay goof @mastodon_king deserves #2 spot in TheGx Hall of Shame💩 for sure for posting those gay photos everywhere yesterday this stooge🤡 @mastodon_king is so gay and so Hall of Shame🤡 worthy I mean the pictures he chose for himself say it all:
  7. Tuesday

    TheGx Hall o’ Shame💩 FIRST EVER inductee @enikklies aka mattmoments kingmomemts3220 mattymoments vitterd king vitty rattard🐀💩 matthew d etc...

    Of course 🐀💩 tops the list in the hall of shame hahaha...
  8. Tuesday

    Mastodon rats and

    This aral rat is actually going to each Mastodon server to server whining about being followed: 😆
  9. Tuesday

    Bad rats

    These rats even going so far as to file complaints against this website about being followed on Mastodon...oh the horrors of it all haha: These stooges🤡 are Mastodon p⁵4lifer like how they brag about pushing the report button and filing complaints to the authorities 😆
  10. Tuesday

    Here's a funny one hahaha this guy crying for help because we keep following him...I like what Robin Patterson said asking what harm can following do...? Anyways it's a funny read how agitated some get when they don't know how to ignore this and want to rat to their...
  11. Tuesday

    This weirdo is a snob against too many followers with same name...🙄
  12. Tuesday

    Spam following police investigator tony hoyle... ...on the case🙄
  13. Tuesday

    This weirdo started a campaign to try and ban us but it didn't get very far just like vitterd king vitty the 🐀💩 campaigns didn't get very far hahaha...she goes by or laurie ashton farook: So I replied to this and her asking what she had against multiple accounts...of...
  14. Tuesday

    Rx stooge🤡 and jtroller/lang lover pro anal yser aka pro analanger/pro analingus/pro analicker/pro anus⭕

    Anyone that FADES jtroller/lang knows about rx stooge proanus⭕ and this red circle symbolizing the burning ring of fire and pain the anus of proanalingus suffers chronically from the over a decade of hooping entire baseball bats after losing consistently following jtroller/lang bets: Photo...
  15. Tuesday

    Fired bmr moderator edikk

    This hypocrite moderator at bitch made reviews(bmr) just got fired recently for sharing the personal information of bmr posters who signed up for contests: No wonder why bmr fired this 🐀💩 loving edikk...
  16. Tuesday

    The posters protection program posse president(p⁵) and literally the brandon lang of online sports forums sbr/bmr/rx stooge🤡 kingmoments3220 vitterd🐀💩

    December 09th 2022 will be know forever more as the day vitterd got banned at the big 3 sports gambling forums: sbr - sportsbook review bmr - bookmakers review therx sports forum 🐀💩 also known as matty ice/ratterd/ratturd/rattard/vitterd/vitterd/vitterd/air vitty/queenvitch/big gay...
  17. Tuesday

    The "REAL" FADE sbr/bmr stooge🤡 vitterd kingmoments3220 Thread

    This thread is for people that want to FADE the SBR stooge known as vitterd/olive branch/air vitty/bitcherd/courtney/big gay queen/vitturd/vittard/rattard/tard/turd/clitturd/queenvitch/etc. If you don't want to FADE...FUCK OFF🖕🤌 --- Photo of vitterd with his sister that vitterd claims he had...
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