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Nov 22, 2022
Only way to play...for me at least...the original way:

1. Agreement on monetary amount for each point. 8 to 10 doubles. 11 to 12 triples. 13 quadruples.

2. Fan deck out face down on table to inspect for marked cards etc.

3. Each players chooses card to decide seating arrangements. Highest card chooses seat first and is first to deal.

4. First round is played counterclockwise. Next round clockwise. Then rotating back to counterclockwise etc.

5. After cards are shuffled by dealer and opportunity is given for one other person to cut the deck if they want, the dealer cuts deck to reveal card to determine who gets first card. After cards are dealt whoever has the 3 of diamonds plays first and must include 3 of diamonds in first play.

6. If score isn't kept on paper and predetermined at what score to settle debts(usually at 100), debts are settled after reach round - and the winner always deals and plays first after reach round.

7. The only automatic win is a starting hand with no pairs or all 13 cards same suit which wins 52 or 65 points respectively.


Used to play for push ups as a child haha🍻
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