What sportsbook are you all using?

Buffalo Rick

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Jan 7, 2023
I am using both Drafkings and Fanduel. Both pay and are reliable. BUT, Draftkings odds are far better. I am doing well as usual in hockey. If you are going to make money gambling, first know this. Nothing, nothing is better than horse racing over the long haul. BUT, you must know what you are doing. I have played the horses since 1979. Sports betting to me, hockey is the best. The books do not pay as close attention as they do to football for one thing. Now I knew a bookie that said college basketball is maybe the best. I hate college basketball so its off the table for me. I do play the NBA pretty much daily but not to the level I bet hockey. Of course I bet the NFL but football is tough to win on consistently. The regular season in hockey is the best. Once you get to playoffs it gets much tougher of course. In regular season you really can pick your spots and there are many games available. Lately an angle that may provide good results. Bet against Columbus, Montreal, and Chicago. Now I am a Sabres fan. Know that. And they are on the rise. You will still get good odds on them. But maybe not for much longer? The Rangers are another good team to bet on lately. Tonight I like the Blues over Montreal and Carolina over Columbus. Lay the 1 1/2 in that one. Also taking Boston and the Leafs. And I will bet my Sabres very lightly vs a team I respect, the Wild. This is my first ever post here.
Good first post man and yeah I'm FADING Montreal tonight too GOGOGO BLUES🙌
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@Buffalo Rick have you ever tried of looked at PINNACLE or 5DIMES off shore books they have pretty good odds too and BETMGM is good too for US based books...
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